Joey Soplantila

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All patches, modules and presets are created with a spectrum analyzing and new assemble of different kinds of frequency by Joey Soplantila.
With special focus for all Ibanez RG serials (HSH elements, single coil or HSS settings).

Joey Soplantila is a software designer/maker for patches, modules and presets by specialism for Line 6 “Firehawk FX” and “Spider III” devices. Tweaker user known as “JOEY S.”. All modules, presets and patches can be found by the app Firehawk Remote on the cloudserver under this username “Joey S.” (FRFR tested) or “Soplantila” for normal patches.

Joey Soplantila is an autodidact with solfége of frequency, while experimental using to hear what seems to be the issues.
One of the issues is there is a difference between making technical tweaking a preset sound or frequency for home use or outside (podium, theatre or live).
This is because there is a different signal when using this in difference spaces such like acoustics of a room, electronics, magnetic or electronic fields and also while playing with frequency shifting keys.

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Joey Soplantila is working and testing at this moment in a project for Artificial Intelligence Technology. Modern approach on analyzing and rectification for tweaking on multi effects, (sound) signal and debugging.
Joey is also active on optimizing and tweaking the multi processor Digitech RP14 and the Line6 Firehawk (and later version such like Helix). In reorder for optimizing the frequency signal for advanced use. Such like echo, delay, reverb, distortion, overdrive, amplifier, looping, fuzz and many more.

It is possible to download these files, documentation and also installing it on your Firehawk (or Helix version). This can be downloaded by the appFirehawk Remote” of Line 6. This app can be found on your Google Play Store. While using this app as an user community of Firehawk, you can download the files under username “Joey S.” or “Soplantila”.
There are many different presets, fixes and tweaked settings (from synth, solo, amps, effects).